The Precious Memories Gospel Band is dedicated to sharing the gospel of our Lord
Jesus Christ, in music and word.   The band presents their witness in a
Country/Southern gospel style, never forgetting the message they are called to

Precious Memories began their ministry as a gospel group over Five years ago,
with very few changes in members during that period of time.  This has enabled the
group to develop a growing witness for our Savior, wherever they perform, whether
it is a church setting, a nursing or retirement home, a fair, or a private function.
The message is always the same – to share what Jesus Christ has done and is
doing in their lives, and to convey the difference he can make in anyone else’s life,
if they will just invite him in.

The band travels the Delmarva Peninsula and adjoining states.   The three singers
and six musicians share a love and a bond of fellowship for each other which
enables them to “have church” every time they are together, whether at practice or
in a concert or a worship setting.   Combine their music and their message – and
“Precious Memories” are truly made.